Samsung Galaxy Watch S6: Rumor Update

Samsung Galaxy Watch S6: Rumor Update

While hardcore fans of the South Korean brand are eagerly awaiting the release of the Samsung Galaxy Watch S6, we are hearing more and more rumors about this next connected watch model. Autonomy, design, size… SFR Actus takes stock of the rumors. Now considered essential, connected watches have gradually established themselves. 

The future releases of flagship brands such as Apple and Samsung are generating almost as much expectation as the releases of smartphones. After the success of the Galaxy Watch5, the next generation should typically arrive in the coming months from the Korean manufacturer. Here is everything we know about the future Samsung Galaxy Watch S6.

A Design Inspired By The Pixel Watch?

For several weeks, rumors about the Galaxy Watch S6 have been multiplying on social networks. Many leaks regarding the future design of this smartwatch have also circulated on the web. According to the latest information, the next connected smartwatch made by Samsung could be inspired by the design of the Pixel Watch and have a curved screen, like the connected watch from the Mountain View firm.

A Return To The Rotating Bezel On The Galaxy Watch S6?

A few weeks ago, we told you about another rumor concerning the possible design of the Galaxy Watch S6: the rotating bezel, present on the Galaxy Watch4 Classic and very popular with connected watch enthusiasts, could make a comeback. 

In addition to the visual aspect reminiscent of traditional diver’s watches, the rotating bezel brings a real plus to connected watches, this one allowing access to the various menus without touching the dial of his watch.  According to the latest information, Samsung would have planned to renew its ”Classic” model. 

If these rumors are accurate, the manual rotating bezel will likely be for the Galaxy Watch6 Classic. Even if the Super Roader leaker claims that this information is ” 100% ” reliable, it should be noted that it is better to take it with a grain of salt, as the South Korean manufacturer has not yet communicated on its future connected watch.

What Sizes For The Galaxy Watch S6?

As a reminder, Samsung offers two options for its Galaxy Watch5: 40 and 44 mm, depending on the wrist size or the buyer’s preferences. The Galaxy Watch5 Pro, a more expensive and premium model, is only available in 45 mm. We don’t have concrete information regarding the dimensions of the future Galaxy Watch S6. However, at least two sizes will be offered, like previous versions of Samsung.

Towards Improved Autonomy?

In the smartwatch market, battery life is almost as important as design. According to the GalaxyClub site, the next Galaxy Watch S6 and Galaxy Watch6 Classic will have a battery with a higher capacity: 300 mAh or 425 mAh, depending on the watch size (in general, a more oversized watch has a better capacity battery). 

In comparison, the Galaxy Watch5 has a 284 mAh battery for its 40 mm version and a 410 mAh battery for the 44 mm version. Although there is no additional information regarding the autonomy of the Galaxy Watch S6 Pro, we should, in theory, have a series of connected watches with better autonomy.

Is The Samsung Galaxy Watch S6 Available This Summer?

Suppose the Seoul-based firm maintains its usual schedule of an August release for its new products, including its prized smartwatch and its Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold foldable smartphones, among others. In that case, there are only a few months left before the unveiling of the Watch S6. According to PhoneArena, Samsung’s next connected watch could be announced more precisely on August 11 and be available for purchase from August 25.

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