Selling On Instagram: How It works!

Selling On Instagram: How It works!

People love to look for inspiration and new things on Instagram and this is where Selling On Instagram comes into picture. They let themselves be inspired by pictures, videos, and stories. And they also like to discover new designs, trends, and products. With a fresh and inspiring appearance, companies and their brands reach the desired target groups on Instagram. On this basis, it is then possible to sell successfully on Instagram. Instagram is a very suitable channel for selling physical and digital trend products. What are the ways to increase sales through Instagram and thereby earn money with Instagram?

Very Good Forecasts For Instagram And Successful Sales

Social media has an extremely high reach – and for this very reason, it must not be left out of the marketing mix. This will not change in the future either: According to, in 2021, over three billion people will use a social network on one of their end devices at least once a month – a gigantic potential for marketing. Today, social media reaches well over 70 percent of all internet users worldwide, and the trend is rising.

What Other Arguments Speak In Favor Of Selling On Instagram?

Despite gauges and the standard contemplations of motivation or coolness, numerous numbers represent Instagram and other web-based entertainment channels. Instagram alone now has more than a billion clients. As per the supplier, around 60% of all clients find out about new items straightforwardly on the stage. Likewise, more than 200 million Instagram clients visit around one business profile daily.

This means that the so-called brand engagement on Instagram is many times higher than on Facebook or WhatsApp, the other offers of the Facebook group of companies. However, certain target groups are easier to reach via Facebook than Instagram. Depending on the product or service, you should also think about selling on Facebook. Insta stories are central to success on Instagram. According to Instagram, this increases the time users spend on videos by 80 percent. A surprising but gratifying fact is that around a third of the most viewed stories do not come from influencers or private users but from companies.

Selling ​​On Instagram: Step By Step To The Sale

The basis for every successful transaction on Instagram is an attractive and likable company profile. It’s like your own homepage on Instagram. The more people, the more action, and the more behind-the-scenes views there are, the better. Of course, products also appear, but they fit organically into the stream and the Insta-Stories.

An Attractive Instagram Business Profile

These three components ought not to be missing in any organization profile:

  1. A target group-oriented profile photo or logo. The graphic should be easily recognizable and match the rest of the branding on the website and in the shop.
  2. An Optimized Instagram Bio. The trick is to address the target group emotionally and in terms of content with just a few words.
  3. A direct link to the shop or website. Here, too, Instagram is sparing; only one link is possible at a time. This must, therefore, always work, and the stored URL should be equipped with tracking to measure how many visitors ultimately come from Instagram.

Instagram Ads

A possible next step is then directly Instagram Ads. They make it possible to reach many people without necessarily having to have already a lot of image and video content on their Instagram profile. A purchased Instagram ad normally appears in the stream for users and ideally fits in completely organically. However, the ad is marked “Sponsored.” Ads can be used to generate followers and increase the number of likes. Advancing direct sales is likewise conceivable. 

The lower-threshold and more attractive the products are, the more likely a quick transaction and a short customer journey from the Instagram ad to a product landing page will lead to a successful sale. Like other proven ad formats (e.g., Google Ads), Instagram Ads enable continuous optimization. All of the data that is helpful for optimization is made available via the business functions of the Instagram app.

The Insider Tip: Insta Stories With A Product Link

It is even more direct with Insta-Stories, each containing a product link. Stories are very popular among Instagram users. If the content is humorous, emotional, or particularly informative, users sometimes even look at the content several times. Insta-Stories are also suitable for direct sales, especially for popular trend products, apps, and games, as well as special offers (with or without discount).

A positive side effect is that – at least within 24 hours of visibility – Instagram’s notorious link economy can be avoided. Each story can contain another external link to the shop or website. With a correspondingly set up tracking and a product link used only once, the results of a sales-oriented Insta story can also be tracked. The knowledge gained can be used for subsequent sales campaigns. Like Instagram Ads, ongoing optimization is the key to lasting sales success.

Successful Selling Via Instagram? Marketing For Social Media And Web

Certain internet-savvy target groups, such as young men and women between 18 and 29, can often only be reached via social media channels such as Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. That is why sales success stands and falls with a presence in these media. The website and online shop are important for the transaction, but visitors increasingly come from social media – not necessarily from Google.

Like the platform, selling via Instagram is about exclusivity and direct contact. It is, therefore, advisable to always work with individual content on Instagram. To do this, it pays to optimize thoroughly. You can still see some Instagram ads a year or two later because she gets such good results! People are easily addressed through images because over 90 percent of all information that reaches our brains is visual! If movement or sound is added, the message stays in the memory longer. 

This is why videos work better than images, and images work better than text. If you want to sell on Instagram, you can use this fact. Text plays a minor role on the platform. To meet Instagram’s high visual standards, working with professional photographers and video producers can be helpful, at least in the early stages of a channel or marketing campaign. Later, with enough Instagram know-how in your company, stories, pictures, and videos can be produced entirely by yourself.

More Reach Through Hashtags, Keywords, And Influencers

It is difficult for many companies to build a sufficiently large and authentic reach independently. Fortunately, there is now at least one channel with followers, reach, and content for practically every topic – that of a so-called influencer. In influencer marketing, the interested company and the influencer’s channel, which is usually much more far-reaching, enter into a temporary or long-term strategic partnership. 

The internet personality uses the method to bring the products and the brand behind them closer to his fans. The better the match between the influencer’s personality and the advertising brand, the easier it is to sell products via Instagram. Search engine optimization (SEO) is always recommended for companies with a small marketing budget. 

By the way, anyone who is already successfully active on Instagram and makes sales is already well positioned in terms of SEO because, ultimately, Instagram hashtags are quite similar to the search terms from search engine optimization. Both reflect the demand and interests of users. Much of what is known from search engine marketing can also be used for social media.

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