Seven Steps To Becoming A Twitter Pro

Seven Steps To Becoming A Twitter Pro

The short message service Twitter continues to grow. The exciting news is forwarded quickly and conveniently. Search engines now also display tweets, so the platform is relevant for the ranking.

Any company that wants to keep in touch with the market should develop their strategy for dealing with Twitter because users have long been active in this simple version of the social web. This means that only 280 characters long messages are also beginning to become relevant for companies. The new medium can be used well for public relations, sales and customer service. Here you will find the most critical steps to your own Twitter strategy:

Twitter: Secure Your Name

However, domain registration is a hurdle. A name can be reserved on Twitter with just a few clicks of the mouse: Fill out four fields in the form – done. To register the company name right away.

Observe The Environment

Now watch how other companies use Twitter for themselves. Create a Twitter account – if you want, using a pseudonym – you can follow the companies and people relevant to you. You can always change your name later or create a new profile. You need a separate email address for each new profile.

By the way, nobody forces you to tweet yourself. You can see who is tweeting what topic if you search for a keyword at Now get an idea of ​​what you can tweet yourself.

Do you want to send pure information or seek direct dialogue? Either way, you should watch what is tweeted about your own business. you can also tack analytics.

Define Goal

What do you want to achieve by being active on Twitter? Do you want to be there or increase your reach? or do you want to win new customers or talk to existing ones? Do you want to use Twitter as a sales channel, or do you want to understand your target group better?

Dell managed to set up a fan club for its outlet. Telekom processes its customer service via Twitter. Otto tries to understand his customers better. You should at least do market research in any case.

Twitter: Define Target Groups

Who will read your posts? Are they customers or prospects? Are there even people in your target group who use Twitter? Or is it not a few multipliers that make it attractive for you to be active on Twitter. Journalists now use Twitter very heavily as a research tool.

Interesting twitter entries are often displayed in search engines. The pure number of followers is not essential. The decisive factor is how many multipliers there are. You are successful when your entries are read and forwarded (retweeted) by the right people.

As with an email newsletter, relevance is the top priority on Twitter. There are the following options:

  • Product and special offers a la Dell or Lidl
  • News from the industry or your company
  • References to exciting websites and blog entries
  • Technical thoughts that concern you personally
  • Insights into your private activities

It certainly creates trust when you get to know employees as people. But can a German company deal with such uncontrollable corporate communication? In any case, we recommend an editorial concept that clearly defines who is allowed to tweet about what and how. Once you have a clear goal and conceptual content, you’re good to go. You provide your followers with information several times a week or several times a day.

You can also discuss. Check back often to see if someone answers you. You can also reply by pressing “Reply” or starting an entry with the addressee’s name and putting an @ in front of it. You can also forward interesting posts from others to your followers. To do this, press “Retweet” or put an “RT” in front of the @.

Specify The Sender

Who should you tweet? There are five options to choose from:

  • As a company, you have a single Twitter feed
  • You operate several meals, e.g. for the press, applicants or as a service channel
  • You are anonymous only under the company name without naming any persons
  • You show in your company feed which people are tweeting there
  • You do not tweet with your company logo, but with your name and photo, but clearly, a state which company you work for.

Twitter: Estimate The Effort

How much effort is Twitter worth to you? Do you want to write something ten times a day? Do you want to, and can you answer all inquiries? Twitter is certainly not very useful as an instrument if there is no radio broadcast for weeks. Explain your concept in the “Bio” that appears on the page.

The most significant effort arises from responding to people looking for dialogue. More and more companies are affording to enter into this dialogue. The success is less a direct increase in sales and more the image gain of the company.

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