The 7 Marketing Automation Platforms To Support Your Business

The 7 Marketing Automation Platforms To Support Your Business

As the Marketing Automation Platform rearranges and accelerates the assortment of information connected with the exercises performed, showcasing advertising cycles to advance an item/brand or track down new clients. Marketing Automation programming stages are intended for promoting divisions that need to robotize monotonous exercises, particularly for more prominent viability, control and estimation of interest age and client commitment exercises. 

Marketing Automation Platform expects to assist organizations with changing over new contacts into genuine clients, diminishing commitment times and with more prominent creation productivity. These inventive stages can robotize showcasing exercises utilizing email, web-based entertainment and advanced advertisements. Additionally, they consider the unique division of mission targets and follow online client conduct.

How To Choose A Good Marketing Automation Platform?

To pick a decent Showcasing Robotization programming, you want to assess its cost (many projects could turn out to be over the top expensive because of the exorbitant cost of additional items, so it would be fitting to assess these projects with a long-term point of view), ease of use ( Promoting Computerization is mind-boggling, the product is frequently not exceptionally natural) and the chance of incorporating the program with the product previously utilized by the organization.

Here Are The Top 7 Marketing Automation Platform On The Market

Starting from these assumptions, below we indicate the leading 7 Marketing Automation software currently on the market:

Active Campaign

According to the web, this Marketing Automation software is the cheapest (the low cost has remained unchanged despite the growth of the company’s contact list. Moreover, it has neither mandatory training packages nor additional costs). Active Campaign is an innovative and intuitive, user-friendly platform with fast and competent technical support.

Hubspot Marketing – Top Marketing Automation Platform

HubSpot prepares and optimizes content that converts leads and helps new customers find you. Thanks to in-page SEO optimization, you no longer have to worry about this “technical” aspect and focus on the content and your customers. Furthermore, based on the context and the moment your lead is on his path to the purchase (Buyer’s Journey), with HubSpot, you can build workflows for distributing these materials, depending on the actions performed by the visitor. HubSpot increases the effectiveness of your Email Marketing by three times thanks to the segmentation of recipients and the automation of flows.

infusion Soft

Infusionsoft is a program for anyone using the Marketing Automation system. After logging in and following a paid training package on the use of the software, you can immediately take advantage of its main features:

  1. Event tracking
  2. Personalizing email content based on user behavior
  3. Automating communications and sales and much more


Marketo offers support to users and proposes a module called Customer Marketing which follows email marketing and lead management as a collaboration tool and personalization of the relationship between the company and the customer. The software features a simple and intuitive drag-and-drop interface that does not require advanced computer skills to create professional email templates. Marketo allows you to install social components in emails, create landing pages, offer integrations with CRM programs already in use by the company and allow the management of all the standard data analysis and reporting functions.


This program does not include initial training costs, and its use is simple and intuitive. It can easily integrate with other platforms such as WordPress, Facebook, Google Adwords, etc. In addition, emails and SMS from Ontraport can be automated, thus making the relationship and management with your customers more and more personal.

Oracle Eloqua

Oracle Eloqua is one of the best-known software for its conversion dynamics and system customization. Eloqua helps develop strategies, modernizes them, and improves the ones already in place, supporting the sales team to achieve their goals. The program has a drag-and-drop interface, where you can transform and manage your data, organizing them most simply. The features of Oracle Eloqua are:

  1. Next-generation marketing analytics.
  2. Sophisticated lead management.
  3. Personalized experiences for conversions.
  4. Identification of future buyers.


Pardot is a product of the Salesforce team, and it is a simple system and well integrated with the other programs of the company. This software measures and tracks the performance of marketing campaigns, allows you to align sales with the marketing field and generates high-quality leads thanks to the customization and targeting of emails.

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