The Future Of Personalized Experiences On FB

The Future Of Personalized Experiences On FB

The Vice president of ads at Facebook explained how the social network intends to build the future of personalized experiences, starting from four main aspects:

  1. Privacy-enforcing technology
  2. Product and company discovery
  3. Commerce
  4. Business tools beyond marketing

In a July 2021 blog post, the vice president of the ads & business platform at Facebook presented the four key points on which Facebook’s following developments will be based in terms of ads and personalization. Levy opened his post by declaring that in the now more than twelve years spent at Facebook, he has focused on trying to forge meaningful connections between companies and individuals; to do this.

 it was necessary to support the transition from desktop to mobile and to be able to define a standard for personalized ads that would allow companies to find customers who were more on target with their expectations. He also pointed out that with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an acceleration of eCommerce, reaching numbers that, in everyday situations, could have taken a decade.

Building The Future Of Personalized Experiences On Facebook

Facebook’s goal is to develop new ways for companies to reach customers; to this is the need to provide users with increasingly appropriate tools to understand how their data is used for advertising purposes and consequently manage these settings. To make this opportunity a reality,It has identified four areas that will undergo a robust innovation process in the coming years.

Privacy Enhancing Technologies

This famous marketing saying from the 19th century has endured into the 21st and was acceptable for a big company with a big budget, but not for the neighborhood tailor,”Facebook’s ads & business platform vice president thus added that “there was a need for a better system.

The internet and data-driven marketing have provided this, allowing small businesses to reach specific audiences with personalized messaging and investing less budget ». But while the Internet and data marketing has brought benefits, there are also risks, such as conflicting with user privacy.

Therefore, the intent of Facebook, which has played an essential role in the changes that have affected personalized advertising, is to demonstrate that the use of customized advertisements is possible even without affecting the privacy of individuals.

To achieve this goal, we are working on technologies that can increasingly preserve user privacy about the personal data collected without affecting the ability to view relevant ads and measure their relative effectiveness.

Discovery Of Products And Companies

« Two hundred million companies use our free tools, like Facebook pages or Instagram accounts, to share company updates. Of these, ten million pay for advertising,”  Studies and updates are underway to improve discovery and relevance to people, creators, and businesses regardless of how Facebook is used. Among these possible improvements are the following:

  1. provide a new experience for the News Feed, where people can view business content and access news related to related companies;
  2. empower “context” to serve more “intelligent” ads (for example, if the user is watching a travel video, ads about hotels and flights should be shown);
  3. make it easier for people to build communities around companies aligned with their values ​​(in this sense, the possibility for small businesses to insert a badge on ads will soon be tested, only in the USA).


Facebook and Instagram, in particular, are increasingly becoming spaces where users, in addition to carrying out the various activities made available by the platforms, buy and sell products/goods/services. To meet this growing need, commerce systems will be developed in the coming years – even if, in reality, new functions for Facebook Shops were already added in June 2021 – which, through ads, shops, community tools, etc., will allow the development a simple and personalized customer journey, in which it is easier to find information on a product, evaluate its purchase, pay for it and see it in front of your home. 

Business Tools That Go Beyond Marketing

Facebook aims to become a point of reference for businesses by developing systems that also help simplify the way users can relate to them. “We think we can help solve all business needs, whether customer relationship management, business messaging tools, or hiring through Facebook Jobs,”

For this purpose, the following are being developed or already launched:

  1. Facebook Business Suite, which helps companies manage their business through the various apps of the Facebook ecosystem;
  2. new tools that will save you time when you’re looking for ideas or when you need to plan and manage posts, Stories, and announcements;
  3. the improvement of the capabilities of the “unified Inbox, “thus allowing you to send messages to your customers, on all Facebook apps, from a single interface;
  4. Implementing Messenger API for Instagram, as consumers are increasingly inclined to use messaging instead of making phone calls.

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