The Seven Best Marketing Tools For Your App

The Seven Best Marketing Tools For Your App

Google Analytics – Internal Analytics

Google Analytics is the champion of analytics platforms. Google caters to mobile and desktop advertisers and app developers. Analytics offers the best digital analytics tools to measure and optimize user engagement.


  • Estimation of the number of active users who have downloaded an app, along with their demographic characteristics.
  • Monitors user actions within the application.
  • Tracks the number of in-app purchases and income.
  • Creates specific reports for businesses and industries
  • Integrates Analytics data with other Google products.
  • View users’ navigation route.
  • Analyzes the behavior pattern of users.

Deep-Link. me – Deep Linking

Mobile engagement and deep linking are achieved by linking to specific pages within native Android or iOS apps. This allows users to browse a URL without leaving the installed application. The largest deep linking mobile platform, deep link. me, help guide its users from other places such as email, social media, messaging and even other apps.


  • Links users to application content via a unique URL.
  • Specific links can direct users to specific screens in your application without internal integration.
  • Referral links can redirect users to app stores to download the app and still redirect them to the correct screen.

I.B.M. Xtify – Push Notifications

I.B.M. Xtify provides a simple platform for creating custom push notification campaigns for mobile apps. The tools help to execute location-based push notifications and user behavior data. Xtify provides a powerful channel for user engagement by accurately displaying relevant content within the app.


  • Universal support ensures that Xtify is efficient on all major mobile platforms.
  • Building relevant and dynamic notifications for user segments can be executed based on location, schedule and frequency of application usage.
  • Monitoring engagement in mobile campaigns based on user behavior, such as views and clicks on messages.

App-land – Landing Page Creation

Without thinking about creating landing pages to boost downloads, creating an app can limit your app’s growth. App-land allows you to create dynamic landing pages to show your main qualities to users. If you need a platform like this, App-Land is a great option. The tool helps you create and publish amazing landing pages for simply converting visitors.


  • Creation of landing pages for iOS, Android and Desktop browsers.
  • Customization of landing pages to adapt to the visual scheme of the brand.
  • Insertion of YouTube and Vimeo videos in the created pages.
  • Various responsive themes.
  • An unlimited number of custom domains.
  • Custom CSS and J.S. modules.
  • Simple integration with Google Analytics.

App Radar – App Store Optimization (A.S.O.)

Optimizing your app for the app stores is a crucial part of marketing as it increases the chances of discovery by users. App Radar is an A.S.O. tool that offers workflows to work on different apps store optimization tasks, increasing visibility and organic reach within app stores.


  • Optimization analyzes apps metadata and locations to optimize store listings for better discovery.
  • Metadata translation to work with apps store information within the tool.
  • Comparison of important metrics and keyword rankings among competitors to optimize marketing efforts.
  • Offers keyword reports regularly.
  • The AI-powered A.S.O. tool helps with keyword suggestions and optimization tips.
  • Various localization options to manage applications in multiple languages.

Ad-Mob – Ad Networks

In-app monetization, Google Ad-Mob is one of the most popular C.P.C. (cost per click) ad networks. Ad-Mob connects advertisers with developers through a mobile marketplace, allowing advertisers to create their campaigns. Furthermore, it allows developers to earn income through advertisements.


  • Cross-platform support for Android and iOS.
  • Tools that track downloads and metrics and manage ad campaigns.
  • Integration with Google Play services, with Android updates without SDK changes.
  • Access to a wide variety of ad formats.

Vungle’s – Video Ads

This video marketing platform provides all stakeholders with the most valuable users to generate revenue through in-app videos. Vungle’s optimization technology allows advertisers to get high-quality users globally.


  • It offers ad templates that reduce user fatigue.
  • Flexible optimization through testing templates or data already analyzed.
  • Fast optimization for increased monetization.
  • Responsive templates that align with the app and promote a better user experience.

These are just a few marketing tools you can use to help your app connect with your audience.

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