The Steps Of A Successful SEO Audit For Beginners

The Steps Of A Successful SEO Audit For Beginners

An SEO audit remains a crucial step to organize to ensure the natural referencing of your website. This is the most accessible way to understand specific problems, such as positioning the site’s pages in search engines. This is the solution to know the different points to improve so that the site has a good foundation. It is the ideal option to reach the top of the rankings of Google and other search engines. In this case, if you are a beginner, you should know the different steps of an SEO audit.

Review And Analyze Keywords

This is the first step in ensuring the SEO audit. You must first check the keywords on which the site is positioned. This includes, in particular, the study of visitors’ behavior to gain an overview of the situation depending on whether the keywords are relevant and adapt to the content and the overall theme of the site.

The SEO audit will allow you to know if these are the right keywords or necessary to change them or create new ones. But then again, don’t forget to audit the competition and the keywords it uses. To do so, it is necessary to perform a keyword mix. In reality, it is possible to take the “front-end” keywords.

To reach the target Internet users, the ideal would be to opt for keywords that are not very competitive or “long tail.” In addition, it is better to vary the keywords. In addition to that, it’s also time to look more into the competition’s net linking strategies and the quality content that promotes better indexing. A competition audit often makes it easier to identify new solutions to optimize your SEO strategy.

Take A Look At The Technical Aspect

Knowing the solidity of the foundations of a site also requires a technical audit. A good site must, in particular, be easy to access for Internet users and have a good quality code. All in all, the site should be easy to read by Google.

To achieve this, it must have a fast loading speed, from 1 second to 3 seconds. Again, the safety of Internet users must also be put forward. In this case, the site must be protected by the “HTTPSprotocol. This is particularly essential for e-commerce sites. In addition to ensuring better SEO, this protocol is also an important point providing a visit to turn into a purchase.

In addition to these elements, it is also necessary to have a “responsive” site. It must be accessible and compatible with different mobile media. Search engines and Internet users appreciate this aspect. Again, errors and redirects should also be reviewed. A good site should never have one. It is also necessary to ensure that the URLs are short and to avoid over-optimization of the keywords.

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Optimize Site Content

Content is at the heart of natural referencing. It must be well optimized. In particular, it must be fluid and natural. In particular, specific rules must be taken into account. Already, we must study the Title and Meta Description Tags. The structure is also to be explored, as each page should have a unique H1 tag corresponding to the main title of the content. The texts must also be structured with subheadings H2, H3, H4 .

Writing must also be optimized with the establishment of strategic places for the implementation of keywords. Often, they should be placed at the beginning of a paragraph. Again, keep in mind that the content should be relevant and helpful to visitors. If necessary, add media such as value-added images.

Many other strategies can help to perform a good SEO audit. However, it is advisable to be well informed to carry out each step of this analysis.

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