3 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Is Important For Companies

3 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Is Important For Companies

In this article we are going to throw light on why digital marketing is important. The possibilities of marketing have developed steadily in the last few years. More and more digital tools are being used here to optimize and control marketing measures. Even now, such tools make it possible to carry out processes automatically – this means an enormous change for marketing. But why should companies embrace these new conditions and also digitize their marketing? What are the benefits of using such tools for a company? Here’s why companies should embrace the digital opportunity.

A Lot Of Data Is Available To Companies

Online marketing today can benefit greatly from the possibilities of targeting because a lot of data is collected in online marketing. This information is intended to be used by companies. The interests of customers, their consumer behaviour, and their demographic characteristics help adapt marketing strategies to the respective target groups optimally.

However, it is essential that companies not only collect all this data but also process them. They should provide the basis for further analyzes to get to know the target groups better and more intensively because marketing is developing more and more towards a personal customer experience. Measures tailored to the customer groups are the best way to convince them.

When analyzing data, tools should be used that facilitate and automate processes. So that all this personal data can be used correctly and optimally, some digital tools now enable data to be stored and processed.

Automated Processes Save Time And Effort

However, largely digitized marketing can also take place in another aspect: through marketing automation. Here, software and programs allow the marketing process to run automatically. For example, if a customer in an online shop fills his shopping cart but does not complete the purchase; after a while, an email is automatically sent as a reminder that the investment has not yet been made. Using this measure not only relieves staff it also simplifies marketing campaigns and intensifies customer contact.

Marketing automation can also be used in a chatbot on the company website. In this way, customer inquiries can be answered quickly and directly. These tools enable companies to create individual customer and shopping experiences. Marketing automation offers the respective customer precisely what he needs. The aspect of the personal customer journey and knowledge plays a role here. Because the amount of data that a company has about a customer means that marketing can be optimally adapted to this very customer.

Customer Profiles Instead Of Email Addresses

If companies use digital tools in the course of their marketing activities, they will not only receive more leads, but also better quality leads. Because when companies create an individual customer experience, they will gradually build their trust in the company. As a result, the company receives more in-depth information about customers, which provides the basis for data analysis.

If companies use digitized processes, they will have to present their customers’ email addresses as leads and informative and comprehensive customer profiles. Tailored and individual marketing measures can then be used for these customers to be hit. The automated analysis and preparation of the data can, for example, record which customer group a lead is to be assigned. Is this a prospective customer who may be persuaded by an exclusive discount for a first purchase? Or is the customer a loyal regular customer whose needs and purchasing behaviour are known and analyzed? The following applies: It’s not just about the number of leads that a company can generate, but above all about their quality and the further processing of this data.


So why does marketing need to become even more digital? The answer to this question lies primarily in the severe advantage that marketing can be fundamentally improved and intensified through digital marketing tools. Data records no longer have to be processed manually, emails are automatically sent to customers, and an individual shopping experience is offered simultaneously. In the future, under increased competition and the mass of advertising measures, a personal and individually designed customer approach and customer journey will become increasingly important. Companies must no longer shy away from using tools to benefit from the advantages of digital and automated marketing.

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