To-Do List: Top 10 Best Applications

To-Do List: Top 10 Best Applications

Creating a to-do list is essential for an organized daily life using best applications, whether for work, studies, or domestic tasks. The popularity of this method is such that it has impacted the application market in a significant way. New task management tools have appeared while old ones are getting stronger and continue to innovate. If you are struggling to choose a device to help you manage your activities, you have come to the right place. In this article, we take you to discover our selection of the ten best to-do list management applications in 2023.


At the head of this ranking, we find Todoist, a device that enjoys a solid reputation in the world of to-do list management applications. It is popular for its user-friendly interface and advanced features. It offers many particularly practical options, such as task scheduling, reminders, classification by tags, as well as the possibility of collaborating with other users. To stand out from its competitors, it offers integration with popular platforms such as Gmail and Google Calendar. This makes it an essential choice for those looking for a reliable and versatile solution. is the topper among the Best Applications is a powerful project and task management platform, particularly suited to the professional world. It stands out from its competitors with an innovative visual approach. It allows you to customize dashboards according to your specific needs, assign tasks efficiently, and track progress in real-time. These features, added to its user-friendliness, make it an essential choice for collaborative teams. In short, it meets the most demanding requirements in terms of project management and stands out as a major asset for maximizing collective efficiency.

Any. do

Any. do is one of the most popular task management apps on the market. Its success lies in its simple and elegant interface, which focuses on the essentials. It offers a range of basic options, including creating to-do lists, scheduling, and reminders. Additionally, the ability to integrate with the Alexa artificial intelligence system makes it a great choice for users with Amazon devices. With a perfect balance between usability and efficiency, embodies the archetypal task management application. It meets the needs of those looking for a streamlined solution while retaining essential functionalities for impeccable task administration.


Occupying 4th place in our top list, TickTick is a remarkably flexible and versatile to-do list management application. It stands out as one of the most relevant choices for those looking for an all-in-one platform for complete management of their activities. Indeed, in addition to the classic list management and reminder functionalities, it offers the possibility of creating subtasks for careful organization. In addition, it includes a Pomodoro function, ensuring effective time management. In short, she embodies excellence in task management and presents herself as a valuable asset for those who value details.

Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To-Do is an application integrated into the Microsoft ecosystem. This feature guarantees smooth synchronization with flagship devices such as Outlook, Office 365, and many others. Appreciated for its simplicity, it offers a range of essential features, including the creation of task lists, management of due dates, and reminders. It benefits from synergy with the Microsoft environment, which makes it a necessary choice for those looking for an efficient and interconnected solution within their professional activity flow.


Trello is a remarkably effective task and project management tool based on the Kanban board model. Thanks to its maps, lists, and tables, it greatly facilitates the visualization and organization of current activities. This visual approach allows for precise planning and fluid collaboration within teams. This makes it an essential ally for those looking for a professional and intuitive project management solution.

Google Tasks

Google Tasks stands out as a highly effective task management application. Seamlessly integrated into the Google Workspace ecosystem, it offers a perfect compromise between refined simplicity and functionality. Among these many options, we find the creation and management of to-do lists, allowing their organization according to due dates and easy synchronization with Google Calendar. In short, Google Tasks is an essential tool for those looking for smooth, synchronized task management within their professional environment.

Things 3

Things 3 is a successful task management tool specially designed for Apple device users. Its strength lies in the combination of an attractive interface with high-level advanced features. It notably offers options for project management and zone creation. It has added to this is the possibility of using tags for the precise organization of activities. In summary, Things 3 is an unrivaled choice for those looking for sophisticated task management while maintaining a professional aesthetic.


Specially designed for teams, Asana is a particularly powerful project management application. It presents itself as a strategic choice for organizations looking for a complete and professional solution. Among its major strengths are its versatile platform and its cutting-edge collaboration features, particularly the management of task dependencies. Adapted to the most complex activities, it positions itself as a pillar of productivity and project management.


ClickUp is an extremely versatile management application perfectly suited to the needs of individual users and teams. It is distinguished by an advanced customization option, allowing you to shape the workspace precisely. Additionally, it offers nifty project templates that simplify the creation and implementation of coherent and optimized task structures. Like the native management applications of tech giants, it integrates with other devices for a synchronized work environment, better collaboration, and increased productivity.

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