Top 10 Benefits Of Selenium Automation Testing

Top 10 Benefits Of Selenium Automation Testing

During the testing of various Web Applications it is necessary to deal with things like client’s interface, security, compatibility, functionality and performance of a website. The reliance on manual testing becomes a cumbersome process if we scale our product. The chief shortcomings of manual testing is that the process is repetitive and monotonous in nature. It also comes with a high risk of oversight and incomplete coverage. Selenium Automation Testing is a solution for it.

The concept of automation testing enables users with a framework to execute multiple tests with a variety of data to increase the test coverage. Due to less manual intervention in automation testing the chances of errors become very dull.  Also, in the case of automation testing bugs can be detected at an early stage. The testing process becomes more reliable in case of automation testing. It increases the reusability of test scripts and most importantly, it supports the execution of multiple tests on a large number of mobile devices.  

Selenium is one of the popular tools used for automation testing. It was developed by Jason Huggins in 2004. Selenium supports a variety of programming languages and web browsers. Along with the characteristic advantages of automation testing, Selenium automation testing has certain unique benefits that give it a competitive edge over others.    

Open Source Availability

Being an open source platform,   the source code is accessible to everyone which can be refactored as per the project requirement. This flexibility of Selenium automation tool helps testers or developers to alter the predefined classes and functions thereby making the framework customizable and user friendly. 

Due to user friendly environment, Selenium has become the most popular tool for automation testing. Being an open source platform, with no upfront costs the users can save some finance. The test execution platform like LambdaTest provides the facility of enterprise ready tunnel feature for local testing where the client can test locally hosted or privately hosted web applications through this feature. It is simply a GUI platform by LambdaTest that allow local testing on 3000+ browsers for desktop and mobile.

Multi-Language Support  

Selenium Automation Testing allows us to create robust automation test suites and this can be test across different environments from a central point. Selenium Automation Testing suite include a set of tools to facilitate the testing process.  Java, Python, C# and PHP are some common languages which are used by the developers or testers for software test automation. 

The automation testing codes can be written in any of these programming languages and Selenium offers the facility to convert this code into Selenium compatible code. Thus, the dependency over Selenium only script is not a barrier in automation testing.   Selenium offers these variety of languages to developers or testers to work therewith.

Multi-Browser Support

Similarly, among the browsers there are commonly used browsers like Chrome, Opera, Safari, Firefox, Edge and Internet Explorer which are adaptable with scripts written in Selenium. A single written script is enough to run in different browsers i.e. it is not necessary to re-write the script or to change it as per every browser.  Thus, Selenium Automation Testing helps us to run tests with a vast combination of browsers, devices and operating systems. 

Selenium Testing allows us to automate and scale faster on test execution platforms like LambdaTest while on the other hand a poor test execution infrastructure can slow down the process. Legacy Test execution systems have a flakiness rate of 2 to 4 percent which can largely lower the confidence of user. 

The test execution platform like LambdaTest break these barriers. LambdaTest provides users with flexibility to scale their testing infrastructure without having to worry about updating browser versions, adding devices or maintaining quality. Users can exponentially increase their browser test coverage by running a Selenium script on a cloud of 3000+ different test environments on LambdaTest.

Multiple Operating Systems Support

In case of Selenium Automation Testing, the client’s need not bother about system configuration for the execution of Selenium script. The script can be written on any operating system like Windows, MAC or Linux and later on can be run or executed on any other operating system. Thus, Selenium automation testing enable testers to effectively work upon script without worrying regarding platform.  

LambdaTest offers an online platform to work with multiple operating systems for Selenium automation testing. Selenium web driver, one of the product for automation testing supports multiple OS like Linux, UNIX, Mac as well as Windows. Selenium web driver’s solution suite can be utilized to create a customized testing environment over any platform. Web Driver makes it possible for the users to create a test case on Windows and execute it on Mac.

Framework Availability

Frameworks provide users with a structure for the reusability, portability, readability and for the easy maintenance of the script. For example, in case of source code compilation Selenium can integrate with Maven. Similarly, for continuous integration (CI) Selenium can integrate with Jenkins. It is worth to mention here that the Selenium grid of LambdaTest is compatible with every test automation framework and language supported by Selenium. 

LambdaTest comes with pre-configured Selenium service and browsers that will maximize test coverage. LambdaTest is the only test execution platform that offers zero test flakiness. With LambdaTest, users can test any environment with advanced analytics, perform geo-location testing, integration with CI/CD test hack and debugging.  

Supports Parallel Testing

In sequential testing, the client can test different functionalities on multiple browsers one after the other. This sequential behavior of testing is very much time consuming. In order to avoid this cumbersome process, client can opt for parallel testing. In parallel testing, client can execute multiple test or functionalities in parallel on different browsers. Selenium automation testing offers the concept of parallel testing where the users can run the same tests simultaneously in different environments. 

One of the most crucial merit of Selenium automation testing is that multiple Selenium scripts can be executed in parallel on remote machines thereby reducing the total test execution time. Selenium offers the concept of cross device testing in Selenium web driver where the automated test cases can be scripted for testing on Android, Blackberry and iPhones thereby helps in resolving cross device issues. The LambdaTest provides users with the facility of running parallel tests thereby reduces the test execution time by 10 times.


Selenium is having different varieties of frameworks that makes it more compatible for automation testing. The reason why users normally refer Selenium as a suite because it is a complete package of various testing utilities. For instance, LambdaTest provides users with two test execution platforms for Selenium automation testing. One is Selenium Automation Cloud and the other one is On-Premise Selenium grid.  

Getting started with LambdaTest Selenium Automation Cloud is simple. All that users have to do is to log-in into LambdaTest followed by selection of their preferred language. The next step involves the configuration of Selenium test suites and starting testing instantly. Selenium Web Driver can even simulate the mouse and keyboard activities of any user by itself. The Application Programming Interface responsible for such automation consist of the action classes that can be executed as per the requirement. Thus, the client can automate events like drag and drop, click and hold, mouse click or even key press.


Selenium Automation Testing provides a space for reusability where Selenium scripts can be executed on various browsers and operating systems. Selenium Web Driver makes it possible for user to execute multiple tests to cover every aspect of functionality. Further, the customization support in Selenium web driver enhance the scope of testing an application. 

LambdaTest cloud solutions runs with least flakiness in the industry and at an unmatched speeds thereby cutting down client’s costs in multiple folds. LambdaTest on-Premise Selenium grid leverages the convenience of LambdaTest cloud infrastructure with security and performance behind the client’s firewall. It allows users to run test with lightning speed (with minimal latencies). Users can define roles and decide over who can access the testing infrastructure.

Easy to utilize

The Selenium scripts are not very much complex in nature rather they are as simple as writing down a few lines of code to automate the functionalities of a website. The documentation in Selenium automation testing is very much helpful for testers and developers to understand about the operation of any Selenium automation testing tool. 

For instance, in Selenium web driver the server start is not mandatory before testing rather the scripts can be directly interpreted in web services and the HTTP requests serves these scripts to the remote driver and later on can be executed over any browser to see the response. 

The test execution platforms of LambdaTest like On-Premise Selenium grid and Selenium automation cloud offers client an interactive interface with a user friendly environment along with other latest features.

Constant Updates

The Selenium belongs to an active community that provides the upgrades in Selenium on a regular interval. These updates are ready to use in nature and are easy to implement. The vendors like LambdaTest offers Selenium as an industry standard tool. LambdaTest provides the mechanism of in-built geolocation testing feature that enables users to test on 60+ country locations and regions. 

The geolocation testing feature of LambdaTest enable a client to check if any blocked content, image or video is blocked as prescribed from different geo-locations or not. LambdaTest even supports testing from different geo-locations by running automation test scripts. The user only need to pass a capability for geo-location and the automation tests will automatically run from the desired location.

How is Selenium Automation Testing beneficial over manual testing ?

The Selenium automation testing enable users to automate the process of testing with multiple platforms of web browsers, operating systems and support for multiple languages. It provides much coverage for testing in comparison to manual testing. Being an open source platform the Selenium source code can be altered to customize as per the requirement of the client. LambdaTest offers products like Selenium Automation Cloud and On-Premise Selenium Grid that supports coverage of more than 3000+ browsers over cloud platforms that makes it machine independent. Thus, LambdaTest proves to be the most optimal platform for Selenium automation testing. 

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