Top Marketing Strategies For E-Commerce

Top Marketing Strategies For E-Commerce

For entrepreneurs who already sell online or have just started, knowing the marketing strategies to leverage their e-commerce is a fundamental step. Entering the online world may seem simple and easy due to last year’s rapid growth.

However, the increasingly fierce competition means that only the prepared and organized can conquer, retain customers, and thus, achieve success. This can only be done in one way: by combining digital marketing with the right tools. This is the initial impetus to grow the business and achieve positive results.  We cannot say a specific ‘cake recipe’ for this, as there are many variables, such as which products will be offered, which target audience, which region will be served, among other points. However, it is always possible to be one step ahead and know the main marketing strategies for e-commerce.

Build A Strong Presence On Social Media

This should be thought much more about the quality than the number of profiles used. In this way, the idea is to identify which main networks your client is present and focus on because being in places where your brand will not be reproduced is a big waste of time. To know where your content best adapts and impacts your target audience, it is essential to stick to a study of the platform. Is your goal on that network to attract people to know your brand? Engage with your audience or increase your sales conversion? After answering these questions, you can now focus on your content with social media strategy and the tone of voice you will use.

Think Out Of The Box

Posting on blogs, posting on Instagram, and advertising on Google or Facebook are actions commonly performed by most companies and online stores.

Therefore, it is essential to think differently and go beyond to differentiate yourself from competitors. One idea is to work with digital influencers who, through public posts, present the product or service as a recommendation to a ‘friend,’ who are their followers.

Influencers tie their credibility to the company they are promoting. If you are starting, the idea is to work with micro and Nano influencers, as they are the ones who can attack more specific niches and have great power of dissemination and conversion; after all, they are authorities in the segment.

Segment Your Target Audience

Within e-commerce, it is widespread to sell several products. Some are focused on specific audiences, and others are more bought by a similar or even wholly different consumer.

Based on data, you can understand the profile of the person who buys your products the most and make a specific communication, whether through ads or posts within platforms such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Thus, it is possible to trace a communication, for example, to your list of customers, a list of leads, people who visited your page, among others. Likewise, you can create targeted ads for consumers who have interacted with the brand before.

Create Content With The Potential To Go Viral

To achieve this goal, it is necessary to study and understand what the competition is not doing and think beyond what is already done in the market. However, this does not necessarily have to be complex.

It is possible, for example, to build good rich content (whether it be an eBook, a calculator, spreadsheet, or any attractive tool) with a well-structured landing page, and disseminate it on your social networks and through ads. If their content is good, relevant to your persona, and there isn’t something similar or as profound as your material available for free, there’s a good chance it will go viral if it hits the right persona. 

Bullseye Framework

This strategy brings together the main ways to reach a customer. The methodology works as follows: the first step is to define six channels to test for a certain period among all those available on the market; then, as you get the first results, you’ll be able to understand which ones still make sense and which don’t, and thus define your three main traction channels; Finally, the best way to avoid getting lost is to set goals and identify that some tracks, such as SEO, work in the medium and long term. You can define which customer acquisition channels work best for your company and which you haven’t tested yet.

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