How Inbound Marketing Can Help Your Company Drive Sales?

How Inbound Marketing Can Help Your Company Drive Sales?

Inbound Marketing has as its primary strategy to attract the target audience and then, through specific content, convert a potential customer into an actual customer.

In Inbound Marketing, in general, the relationship between brand and audience occurs with the creation of relevant content, SEO (search), email campaigns, and social networks. The main differences between Inbound Marketing and conventional marketing (outbound), which uses advertising pieces on television, radio, streaming, etc., are:

Why Should Your Company Invest In Inbound Marketing?

Target audience segmentation increases the chances of closing a deal. With specific content, your product attracts the attention of those who need or want to make a purchase. 

Improves Company Positioning 

The creation of content, combined with a good campaign strategy, makes your brand a reference in digital media, increasing its market share and attracting more customers.

Create A Relationship Of Trust With Customers 

By becoming a reference, customers come to trust and respect your brand more and more, and this increases the public’s engagement, which also becomes a kind of promoter of the products, boosting the brand’s reach.

Power Of Persuasion

Inbound Marketing allows companies to show their target audience that they are willing to argue, inform and ask questions – and not just “push” their product. Thus, the customer understands and has reasons to choose a particular product over another, which he barely knows. Throughout the purchase journey, in Inbound Marketing, persuasion strategies define business success.

More Effective Sales Cycle 

Even though it seems much faster and simpler to create an advertising piece and run it in conventional media, Inbound Marketing has a shorter and more effective sales cycle.

It is essential to invest in content to reduce the purchase journey: the more exciting and personalized, the faster the lead generation will be, and the sooner the customer will decide to buy. 

The purchase cycle of technology companies that exclusively use Inbound Marketing is around 30 days, and the average ticket is higher.

Lower Costs 

We will go into more detail about the cost of acquiring customers later in this article. Still, you already know that when we talk about “costs,” the ideal is always the minimum possible, suitable?

In addition to lowering acquisition costs, Inbound is also relatively cheaper than traditional solutions like ads and brand activations. The best thing is that this cost reduction does not make the business suffer from a loss of quality or a decrease in results. On the contrary, it is just a more efficient investment. With less wasted resources, you have a bigger budget to spend on tactics that work and keep scaling your Inbound Marketing strategy.

Inbound Marketing also allows you to measure results as data appears. In this way, it is possible to readjust the strategies “midway.” You don’t have to wait for the end of a campaign to understand its strengths and where it needs improvement. These optimizations improve the performance of actions and, consequently, guarantee better results.

After All, What Is E-Commerce?

It may even seem logical to define e-commerce; however, some believe that it is the same thing as an online store. In parts, it even is, since the virtual store is one of the tools of e-commerce. 

In summary, in English, e-commerce (or electronic commerce) is a business where all transactions are carried out on the internet. For this, all existing digital resources are used, such as devices (laptops, smartphones, and tablets), even platforms such as (social networks, applications, websites, email marketing, and marketplace, to name a few examples). 

E-commerce: Discover The Case Of Natural Sugar   

Natural Sugar is an online emporium that sells a variety of natural products emphasizing the famous fresh Medjool dates. In summary, the agency started to take care of the production of content for the blog and social networks and took care of the advertising part. As a result, we achieved 90% greater reach on social media over a few months and an 80% growth in conversion rate for ad purchases.

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