Using Google Ads To Promote Your Business

Using Google Ads To Promote Your Business

Business: Digital marketing strategies provide several ways to get your brand found by people interested in your services.

One of them is through the dissemination of advertisements, which makes your company gain greater recognition among users, resulting in possible sales.

Content marketing, SEO techniques, and social media management are some of the most digital strategies that companies apply. And although they produce excellent and efficient results, there is a catch: they usually come in the long term. So, if you have more urgency to grow, the idea is to invest in paid ads, such as Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

How Does Google Ads Work For Business?

It is an advertising tool provided by Google. With Google Ads, you create ads displayed on the search service itself and its websites.

By creating your Google Ads account for business, you can develop your entire campaign, from the ad creation part, going through issues related to billing to the access that each user will have.

Smart Mode And Expert Mode

There are two modes to use in Google Ads: Smart and Expert. We will now check the difference between the two.

Smart Mode

Bright mode is a simpler version, as it is designed with users in mind who are not yet familiar with ads and are not marketing experts. Therefore, creating ads requires less time for users to configure and manage.

Expert Mode

This is the full Google Ads mode for business. With it, advertisers will have access to all types of campaigns and Google Ads features and have much greater control over the bidding strategies available. This flexibility makes it possible to perform various tests and configurations to verify your company’s best type of ad. Bright mode is recommended for advanced-level advertisers and marketers.

What Are The Types Of Ads In Google Ads?

Google Ads is a Google ad platform; it is the leading search engine globally and generates a lot of visibility for brands. In it, you can create your campaigns yourself, defining your target audience, your objectives, and also the type of ad you want to run. And the most significant benefit is the possibility to choose your budget according to your available budget.

Advertisers generally pay per CPC (cost per click), which means you pay every time someone clicks on your ad. So, the investment is well worth it. In addition, the variety of ads is enormous, and you can define the most suitable format for your audience.

Search Network

A network displays your ads in search results obtained by the search engine according to a specific keyword. Whenever someone sees your search results, they will also have access to ads related to what they searched for.

Display Network

If you are thinking about advertising on websites and blogs, this option is ideal. Your ads will be served on Google’s partner sites in the banner format in this campaign format. On the display network, ads can have different formats relevant to your product and area of ​​activity.

Video Ads

There are several ways to advertise on video through Google Ads, the content must be hosted on YouTube, but it can be published on other apps and video partner sites on the Display Network. You can display it on YouTube or other places that support this format when creating a video ad.

Several video ad formats can be used, such as skippable, non-skippable, and some that invite the user to click and watch. On average, videos that start playing automatically can be 6 to 30 seconds long.

Google Shopping

This type of ad focuses more on product photos. It is perfect for those who have e-commerce because those looking for a particular product will be able to view a list of stores that sell it, already being able to make comparisons of values.


Use automatic ads on Google, Google Maps, and across the web. This type of ad facilitates and reduces ad management.


Show more visual ads on YouTube, Gmail, Discover, and other products.


It aims to generate visits to physical stores.

Universal App Campaign

This ad is used by those who have an app and want to promote it to attract more users. The ad will have the download link for the app and can be displayed on Google Play, the search network, among other places.

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