Web Programming: What Are The Current Trends?

Web Programming: What Are The Current Trends?

Today, how many activities do we do in our daily life thanks to computers and other electronic devices? The world is changing, becoming increasingly digital, and for those who want to work in the field of technological innovation, it is essential to have the right skills. Considering that English is the most important communication language for communicating with the rest of the world, the programming language is the communication language of the future.

What Is A Programming Language?

Before discovering which are the most popular programming languages ​​for the web and how they work, here is a brief reminder of what a programming language is and what activities a programmer performs. Programming languages ​​are essential for computing since it is through their use that the different programs that we use on our computers are made.  Each language has rules for allowing the electronic device to perform certain operations. All this through a sequence of instructions.

 In each programming language, common elements are essential to translate an algorithm into sentences of this language. These are the keywords, each corresponding to a specific operation, the special characters, which have specific meanings and a set of syntactic rules necessary to combine words and indicate the operations to be performed. In practice, programming languages ​​are the origin of the most diverse software we use daily at home or in our professional activities. Without them, doing many common things on our computers, tablets, and other smartphones daily would be impossible.

Current Trends

Vue.js: Increasingly Popular

Vue JS, also known as Vue, was created in 2014 and is gaining more and more popularity. It is, in fact, one of the lightest and fastest web frameworks available online. Vue.js is an open-source project: a library for creating web interfaces using MVVM ( Model Vue Vue Model ) data associated with a simple API.

Moreover, this Framework is all the more particular behind its creation; no large company exists. While for React, there is Facebook, and for Angular, Google is at the origin, Vue.js was born thanks to the fruit of the work of a single person, Evan You. Recently, the JavaScript web framework Vue.js was included among the top 10 most popular GitHub projects, surpassing Facebook React.

Functional Programming

Functional programming has become increasingly important over the years, but its impact will increase significantly in the years to come. Functional programming ( FP ) is a programming paradigm in which the flow of program execution takes the form of a series of evaluations of mathematical functions. The main strength of this paradigm is the absence of side effects of functions, which facilitates verification of correctness, and the absence of program bugs.

 Functional programming is more predictable; some even say ”  simpler  ” than object-oriented programming. It’s easier to test. If you’ve been working with JavaScript for a while, you’ve come across functional programming principles and concepts which encourage developers to break a program down into small functions.

Browser Extensions

Browser extensions are key components for web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. What will change profoundly in the months and years to come; and which will continue to improve is the compatibility of these extensions. Browser extensions are sets of code written in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. They modify the functionality of a web browser and may add new functions or change aspects or the content of websites. 

Extensions are created for a specific browser, such as Chrome or Firefox. But that is changing as Firefox now also supports Chrome extensions. While Firefox extensions used three different systems in the past, the WebExtension API will now be the only way to develop Firefox extensions, making them available for other browser systems.

Real-time Web Applications

Real-time web applications based on the WebSocket have been available for years but are growing in popularity. The reason is that users are looking for faster ways to interact, and real-time web applications offer the ability to share information instantly. At the core of real-time web applications, a connection between the client and server is left open, where new messages are directed occasionally.

The Symfony PHP framework is one of the most popular among developers today. With fewer than 25,000 developers in France using it and a billion downloads worldwide, it is a very popular Framework. Developed by the French company SensioLabs, finding a Symfony agency to develop your Web application with this Framework is quite easy nowadays. Symfony is used by thousands of web applications worldwide, a trend that has been going strong for a while.

Progressive Web App

Progressive Web Apps ( PWAs ) are web apps that feature the functionality and design of a mobile app. The long-standing question is: How can we emulate web content for mobile devices? Web apps try to imitate what works on mobile devices to give users a more enjoyable browsing experience. The idea is to offer new functionalities that guarantee the user the same advantages as native applications.

Google has also published some of the advantages of this technique in its manual dedicated to developers. Among these, we can be present on the home screen. When they meet the criteria for Progressive Web Apps, Chrome prompts users to add the app to their smartphone’s main screen and may even receive push notifications.

Material Design

Material Plan is a planning pattern that is becoming increasingly famous. It is a visual and intelligent programming language created by Google to consolidate visual material and development. It depends on the Appear CSS system accessible in two structures: Emerge and Backtalk.

Material’s plan rules accentuate expanded utilization of lattice-based formats, movements, changes, and profundity impacts like lighting and shadows. The language contains parts like Parallax and Toast and is additionally viable with every cutting-edge program, which is fundamental for the client experience.

To Conclude

New design trends, user expectations, and mobile developments are changing the world of web development a little more every day. The main thing is that Web development can meet the growing expectations of users and design, thanks to the new tools and languages ​​that make it possible to design the software and applications of tomorrow.

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