What Accessories Can We Use With A MagSafe Case?

What Accessories Can We Use With A MagSafe Case?

Apple has forever been a trailblazer in development. In some cases, for better with the arrival of the iPhone in 2007, and in some cases for more awful, similar to the versatile Macintosh in 1989. Since the arrival of the iPhone 12, it is with innovation that Apple has done, indeed, evidence of innovativeness: the MagSafe. Forever to save its item biological system, the name MagSafe is well-defined for gadgets from the Apple brand. Nonetheless, a few frills from different brands are viable with this innovation; this is what we will find in this article!

What Is The Apple MagSafe?

The idea for Apple’s MagSafe originally came from MacBook power cables. If you use this laptop, you must have noticed that the charger cord is magnetized. As its name suggests, the MagSafe also uses magnetism to charge Apple devices wirelessly and safely. This process appeared with the iPhone 12, but it is also integrated into the iPhone 14 or the latest Apple Watch.

What Is A MagSafe case?

As you will see, Apple is far from the only one with a MagSafe products collection! A MagSafe shell is made up of magnets allowing you to charge compatible iPhones by simple contact (thus wireless). These magnets also make it easy to hook and unhook certain accessories on the iPhone case.

Are Accessories Compatible With A MagSafe Case?


The well-known smartphone protection manufacturer RHINOSHIELD offers many MagSafe iPhone cases. The SolidSuit range effectively protects your iPhone in the event of a fall, as the brand’s other issues do so well, and without compromising wireless charging.

These challenging cases are also optimized to stay thin and light; they use ShockSpread material, which is as flexible as it is resistant. As for the transparent shells, they are made to let your personality express itself thanks to their transparency, but always by reducing the impact of shocks.

Belkin 3-In-1 Charging Station

Belkin, one of Apple’s largest makers of accessories, offers many products compatible with MagSafe technology, including its 3-in-1 charging station. This is made for Apple addicts since it allows you to charge your iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods on a single support. This stationary station is ideal on a desk or bedside table but impractical as a travel accessory…

Belkin BoostCharge Pro Charging Station…

  1. The Belkin Exception: Advanced Technology and Innovation for Over 35 Years
  2. A new way to charge your new iPhone 14 with MagSafe alignment and a 3-in-1 wireless charging solution for iPhone + Apple Watch + AirPods

ESR HaloLock Car Mount

The ESR HaloLock mount slides right into your car’s air vent to accommodate your smartphone. Very useful for use as a GPS, this magnetic support also has a wireless charging function specific to MagSafe. It is an ideal accessory and even essential for all motorists with a smartphone equipped with such technology.

ESR Wireless Magnetic Car Charger…

  1. Fast Charging: Its intelligent heat management allows you to charge your device at almost the same speed as the official leader in Magsafe chargers;… 
  2. Magnetic Lock: powerful magnets that hold up to 1,400 g and a non-slip silicone ring that keeps your phone in place…

SnapGrip MagSafe

If you’re tired of your phone slipping out of your hands, the SnapGrip MagSafe case might be for you. This iPhone grip attaches and detaches quickly, thanks to its solid magnetic attachment. This MagSafe-compatible handle can be used as a stand to put your smartphone upright. However, it benefits those who want to take professional photos with their phone. 

It allows you to easily take shots in portrait or landscape and can be combined with other  accessories, such as tripods or telescopic poles. Enough to make the most of the camera of the iPhones 12, 13 or 14! Here is a quick overview of the most useful MagSafe-compatible accessories.

Although we have not mentioned Apple products, the brand offers a range of MagSafe accessories, including chargers, battery cases, and more. Do you use a MagSafe addition that you can’t do without? Tell us everything in the comments!

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