What Are Google Trends, And How Can It Help Your Blog?

What Are Google Trends, And How Can It Help Your Blog?

Google Trends: Blogs have been an excellent choice for brands looking to capture people and drive results. However, more than good content, it is necessary to know how to explore possibilities of generating traffic to these web addresses.

Therefore, knowing what Google Trends is essential to address the topics of interest to your audience. Regardless of your business area, some topics are always on the rise and generating a lot of Google searches. If your marketing team can detect those themes and how they generate interest, it’s easier to explore them. Google Trends is one of the tools that can best help with this research.

If you’re looking to get to know the tool better and learn how it can help boost results, here’s a perfect read. Follow up!

What Are Google Trends?

Google Trends is a tool that shows users the most popular search terms and topics in recent times. You can do a search filtered by topic, location, the volume of searches, and time cut, that is, the results within the last week, month, or day.

As much as it is a simple platform with more basic features, Google Trends has a big difference: it uses Google’s database, the leading search engine on the internet today. Considering that almost every user uses the site to do research, you have material worth gold in your hands!

Regarding content strategy, Google Trends can be an essential tool for keyword research and variations. Many terms can be detected as attractive on the platform, but perhaps your traffic competitors are not using them yet.

Knowing how to perceive opportunities is as important as having Google Trends at your disposal. 

Boosted Traffic And Conversions

In blogging strategies, traffic is gold. First, it is essential to think about the scenario of attracting people who will engage with your content. This is an important starting point to guide these potential customers through your marketing funnel and, little by little, educate these people until they buy from your company.

But it does not stop there. Blogs also have another vital function: being a source of content and attracting traffic leads. These sites can also be a real showcase for other brands, especially if the level of access is high. When that happens, leveraging an AdSense strategy is a great idea!

It’s about running ads from third-party companies on your blog, doing this through banners that will be positioned in strategic areas. With every click these banners receive, your business can monetize. Therefore, knowing that one thing is linked to the other is essential.

What Are The Features Of Google Trends?

Google Trends stands out for its features that, although simple, provide:

  • The possibility to access these trends.
  • Subjects.
  • Hot terms in a straightforward way.

Once you deeply understand how these features work, you can explore as many possibilities as possible using the platform.

From segmentation to monitoring your competition, these are features aimed at a competitive positioning in attracting qualified traffic. Discover the main ones below and see how you can use each of them.

Content Campaign Structuring

Content marketing strategies must always be based on keywords with great potential to drive traffic to the blog. The content’s quality and relevance will hold the reader’s attention and generate engagement and conversions. However, talking about what matters is essential.

Searching for terms on Google Trends is an excellent start in content planning work. After that, you can take the perceived subjects to keyword analysis tools and, from there, see which ones perform the best.


Category targeting is one of the main possibilities when discussing Google Trends. That’s because every subject is part of a specific universe, so it’s interesting to understand which topics are trending. This first simple search can open up a range of options for your strategy.

If you sell accessories for gamers, you can do a targeted search for the gamer world. Thus, you can understand all the topics that have been searched. Following this example, you can find searches about a new Game that will be released.

Competition Monitoring

You can directly monitor searches related to your competitor, understanding the volume of searches people have been doing about that company. To do this, search for terms such as the name of that company’s product or other keywords that rank directly for the business in question.

Campaign Planning

Good content campaigns must be associated with the target audience’s interests. If this does not happen, it is impossible to guarantee that your strategy will really impact the web, meeting the most searched terms by people. Therefore, understanding what is trending at the subject level is essential.

It may be that your business has plans to launch a product or service in the future, but with the help of Google Trends, you can detect that the current interest in the topic is high. So you create an early campaign strategy and accelerate that launch.

Identification Of The Target Audience

Here, there are two ways to identify using Google Trends. First, you can search for specific terms and analyze who is interested in those keywords and the subject at hand.

Another way to do this audience study is to ask Google Trends to monitor what people within a specific category have been searching for. 

Search Type

By accessing the trends pointed out by Google, you can better understand the origin of these search terms. That is, you can understand the type of search that was made. Google Trends points out, for example, if the search was done by image, in the news section, or even if it was a search on YouTube.

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