What Marketing Strategy To Adopt On WhatsApp?

What Marketing Strategy To Adopt On WhatsApp?

Still, more is needed by companies; WhatsApp represents a quality marketing tool. Indeed, the Allianz group had already caught our attention for its original use of WhatsApp for its customers. We have therefore chosen to bring you our point of view and explain how WhatsApp can play a crucial role in your business strategies and what marketing strategy to adopt on this social network.

WhatsApp Is A Social Network To Exploit!

Created for several years now, WhatsApp was initially a paid social messaging network after the first year of use. After being acquired by Facebook in 2014, the social network became wholly free and offered its users a messaging service that works in three different ways. Indeed, users can develop individual and group conversations and send messages via mailing lists.

It would help if you adopted this social network that needs to be adopted by companies. Conversely, users have grasped the potential of WhatsApp. Today, there are approximately 14.5 million active users in France on WhatsApp, representing a target to be exploited without further delay.

Use WhatsApp To Get Closer To Your Customers

In 2019, consumers increasingly want to interact with brands. These Internet users desire to get closer to the brands they appreciate. At this precise moment, WhatsApp comes into play and fits perfectly with consumer expectations. Indeed, according to a Nielsen study on Facebook messaging, more is known about consumer trends. 

Indeed, 53% of Internet users say they prefer to place an order online after talking with a customer advisor from the company in question. We can therefore deduce that Internet users have this need to get closer to the brands they appreciate. WhatsApp represents the ideal tool to bring companies closer to their consumers and provide them with a sense of belonging and added value.

What Marketing Strategy To Adopt On WhatsApp?

To help you get started on the WhatsApp adventure, we have prepared a list of things to do for you to lead a digital strategy on WhatsApp that works! Create A Persona That Will Represent Your Business In The Eyes Of Your Customers Your consumers will appreciate talking to one person for information. They will have the impression of establishing a relationship of trust with their adviser and will be more easily led to discuss with him. 

This person will make the user experience all the more pleasant for the Internet user. The company Absolut Vodka took advantage of this advice and created Sven, a bouncer, with whom Internet users could exchange on the occasion of the release of the limited editions of Absolut Unique bottles on the Argentinian market. Sven, therefore, created a buzz within WhatsApp, and Absolut Vodka is proud to have generated buzz within its community.

Deliver Added Value To Your Most Loyal Customers

Giving your most loyal customers added value is essential to retain them and thank them for their daily commitment to your brand. Thus, WhatsApp allows you to build a close relationship with your most engaged customers, like clubs for the most deserving members. On these groups, you can, in preview, inform them of your future promotional actions or also of the launch of an imminent new collection.

The goal is to give them the feeling that they are more critical than just customers without revealing all your strategies and future commercial actions to make a teaser. This is indeed what Agent Provocateur has decided to put in place on the social network, as you can see:

Make Your WhatsApp Profile Accessible From Your Other Communication Platforms

If you give your customers the possibility to contact you from WhatsApp, you must ensure that your profile is easily accessible for your customers but also your prospects. Therefore, make a link with your WhatsApp number on your various social networks. Also, inform your customers that you are present and available on WhatsApp with a post dedicated to this social platform. You can also add a call to action on your website so customers can chat with you in one click.

What To Remember?

Now you have all the critical information to identify the potential of the WhatsApp social network for your business. Don’t wait any longer and take the plunge to provide added value to your business.

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