Which iPhone 15 To Choose? Comparison Of The 4 Models

Which iPhone 15 To Choose? Comparison Of The 4 Models

The American brand Apple as of late, sent off 4 new iPhone 15 models. Could it be said that you are reluctant to pick? We should concede that pursuing a decision is difficult! On account of this correlation, you should choose the most proper model.

The Specificities Of The iPhone 15

Although the 4 iPhones have things in common, each model has its characteristics. To help you, let’s look at this in more detail.  


From the stylish viewpoint, all iPhone 15 models currently incorporate Unique Island (an honor which, as of recently, was held for the iPhones 14 Ace and 14 Ace Max). Be that as it may, the Ace Reach stands apart on account of its titanium plan. Accordingly, the iPhone 15 Expert Max is very hearty! What’s more, the Cell phone has a lovely look. Variety-wise, the standard iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Or more are accessible in dark, green, blue, yellow, and pink. For the iPhone 15 Star and iPhone 15 Expert Max, you can pick between dark, white, blue, and Regular Titanium tones.

The screen

Regarding the screen, the 4 models (iPhone 15, 15 pro Or more,15 Master, 15 Star Max) all have an OLED screen with a high revive rate. 60 Hz for the initial two models, to be specific the phone and the iPhone 15 Or more, and 120 Hz for the two delicious quality variants. The brilliance is additionally exceptionally agreeable since it can arrive at 2000 nits. Indeed, even in direct daylight, the client isn’t irritated in any capacity! 

Assuming you like enormous screens, realize that the iPhone 15 Or more and the iPhone Ace Max both have a 6.7″ screen (1290 x 2796 pixels). As far as concerns, the experts deal with a 6.1″ screen (1179 x 2556 pixels). On the scale, the iPhone 15 is the lightest on the grounds that it weighs 171 grams. The heaviest model is the iPhone 15 Star Max, with its 221 grams.


It should be noted that the iPhone 15s are IP68 certified. This means that these phones can resist splashes and dust. Furthermore, they can withstand immersion in water, but for a short time. And even if the manufacturer assures that its Smartphones are waterproof, it is not wise to use them underwater.


Unsurprisingly, the 4 new models from the Apple brand stand out for their high-performance thanks in particular to their processor. Indeed, under the hood of the iPhone 15 and the 15 Plus, we find an A 16 Bionic chip associated with 128 GB/256 GB/512 GB RAM. For the Pro versions, the latter are entitled to the new A 17 Pro chip (3nm). 

This allows the two Smartphones (Pro and Pro Max) to perform the most demanding tasks without blinking. In addition to the fact that it is slightly more efficient than the A 16 Bionic, this chip has ray tracing technology (which is absent on the A 16 Bionic). Gamers looking for realistic graphics will be satisfied. Then, on the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max, FYI, all models work under iOS 17!

Photographic Ability 

By and large, contrasted with the opposition, Apple Cell phones generally figure out how to do well regarding photography. What’s more, the iPhone 15 models are no exemption from the standard, with a unique notice for the iPhone 15 Genius Max. Not at all like the iPhone 15 Star, the 15 Master Max model doesn’t simply have a zooming focal point with a 3x optical zoom but a 5x optical zoom.

This is a first for Apple! In any event, when set at a considerable span, the client can take quality photographs exhaustively.  Concerning different models, they don’t stick out, given their photograph design. In this manner, the more elements have a 48 MPX wide point and a 12 MPX ultra wide point. For selfie lovers, they benefit from a 12 MPX front module.

With respect to the iPhone 15 Genius it has similar sensors as the 15 Master Max model, to be specific a 48 MPX essential sensor and a 12 MPX super wide-point sensor. Both Genius forms likewise have a 12 MPX zooming focal point; however, as referenced above, the 15 Expert model incorporates a 3x optical zoom (rather than a 5x optical zoom for the Star Max).

What About Videos?

For videos, the Pro range stands out by welcoming a new recording format called “3D Spatial”. The advantage of this format lies in its compatibility with virtual reality headsets. With an iPhone 15 Pro, you can easily film virtual reality content. This is made possible thanks to the A 17 Pro chip. And just like on the iPhone 14, you can film in 4K, and you can also edit videos via cinematic mode.


As usual, the American giant Apple rarely disappoints in the aspect of autonomy. But for users who hesitate to choose between the 4 new models, this criterion is essential. Obviously, they will have a slight preference for the model that will be able to last as long as possible. According to Apple, the 15 Pro Max takes first place with an impressive battery life of 29 hours (in video playback mode). For the 15 Pro and the 15 Plus, the manufacturer announces 20 hours of video playback. But whatever model you choose, one thing is sure: you will be able to use your phone peacefully all day long. 


On the charging side, Apple has not made any significant changes to the 4 models compared to previous models. Thus, we remain at 20 W wired and 15 W wirelessly MagSafe. Additionally, users shouldn’t expect any noticeable improvements in charging time either. To recover half of its capacity, the batteries of these iPhones will need around half an hour. And it takes more than an hour and a half for them to be at 100% capacity. It’s still very far from what competitors (on Android) currently suggest!

The Arrival Of USB-C

With the iPhone 15, something new has appeared: these new Smartphones are finally equipped with a USB-C port. IPhone users have been waiting for this good news for a long time—no need to use a Lightning cable anymore. 

But make no mistake, communicating with an Android device will not be any easier! However, you will, for example, be able to charge your other Apple devices from your iPhone. Note that Apple has equipped its Pro range with a USB-C 3.1 port while the other models make do with the USB 2 standard. To this end, we notice a clear difference in transfer speed! 

The Price

When it comes to price, there is a significant gap between Apple’s 4 models. If you want to get the standard iPhone 15, you should be prepared to pay 969 euros. To acquire the iPhone 15 Plus, you need to have 1119 euros! And if you intend to treat yourself to the iPhone 15 Pro, still count on 1229 euros. Finally, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is only available from 1479 euros. This is a significant sum which, unfortunately, is not within everyone’s reach! 

Which iPhone 15 Model To Favor?

Above all else, it relies upon your monetary potential outcomes! The iPhone 15 is the more reasonable model of the 4. Yet, on the off chance that a financial plan isn’t an issue for you, consider the utilization you intend to make of your Cell phone. Would you like to partake in an ideal photograph insight? Do you jump at the chance to go through your days watching sight and sound substance? 

For this situation, your ideal choice is, without a doubt, the iPhone 15 Ace Max. Same thing assuming you intend to utilize your Cell phone to play computer games. This model is impeccably intended for that! Then again, in the event that your financial plan is very restricted, however, you need to profit from the presentation of the A 17 Star chip, you can wager on the iPhone 15 Expert. It positively offers a more modest screen; however, you will see the vast majority of the highlights of the iPhone 15 Star Max on this model.

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