Why Is Hyper Automation Important For A Company?

Why Is Hyper Automation Important For A Company?

Hyper Automation: At the end of each year, Gartner publishes a list of the leading technology trends for the coming months, aiming to provide CIOs with a more accurate understanding of each of them and assist them in organizing strategic planning. 

As it is a relatively new concept, it is common to doubt its meaning and the benefits it can bring to organizations. With this in mind, we created this article, which addresses the topic and relates it to CRM tools, capable of managing the relationship with the customer through the automation, integration and organization of processes, helping to reduce costs and increase profitability. Continue the text and learn more about it!

What Is Hyper Automation?

Before defining, it is essential to understand that the use of technologies must have people as its primary focus since it impacts them directly. We can mention employees, consumers, work partners and society in general.

In this case, resources must be able to perform various operational tasks without human intervention, and the way to do that is through Hyper-automation. In practice, it is about joining knowledge and technological resources to automate daily activities and make them agile as the current market demands.

The trend began with robotic process automation (RPA), which consists of applying technology governed by business logic and structured inputs to automate business processes. However, RPA itself is not Hyper-automation.

It refers not only to the variety of technologies that can be used but also to all stages of automation: discovering, analyzing, designing, measuring, monitoring and re-evaluating. Therefore, one of the main focuses of the concept is to understand the breadth of available tools, how they relate to each other and how they can be coordinated and combined.

This forms a hybrid set of RPA, machine learning, artificial intelligence and BPMS (intelligent business process management tools) tools, which allow the process of understanding and developing automation to meet the real needs of the business model and bring more value. And results for the company.

It is important to emphasize that machine learning and artificial intelligence are fundamental to Hyper-automation. Automation alone is often unable to solve process problems, as they are often complex and need to be adapted to different behaviors. That is, they must be machines capable of taking care of the details that come before, during and after completing tasks, which means management capacity for all the steps above.

How Does Hyper Automation Work?

This technology was created to improve a company’s processes using Artificial Intelligence in conjunction with machines, performing tasks much faster and with less chance of error. If automation uses a robotic arm to do some work, we can say that Hyper-automation reaches a new level using this robot’s brain.

Any process is a promising scenario for the adoption of Hyper Automation. With its help, the human workforce can eliminate everyday tasks and focus on improving their skills. This creates a working environment conducive to handling higher-level activities that require more expertise from your employees.

This technology contributes to greater workforce engagement by allowing everyone in the organization to contribute to automation. This means that Hyper Automation involves traditional RPA developers and testers, subject matter experts, business analysts and users.

Thus, there is a greater integration of human and digital workforce since decision-making by human hands is essential, which provides much faster and more motivating work.

Hyper Automation In Business

In business, Hyper-automation should not only be seen as a potential opportunity but as an inevitable change. Companies that already invest in technology understand that the benefits of optimizing tasks and processes through robots have a positive return. Some practical examples are the automation of payment orders, change of registration data, inventory management, etc.

Those who have not yet invested in this technology may initially find it expensive. Still, they should remember that Hyper Automation is responsible for faster and better results, saving exhausting human work with technology smart enough to deliver tasks in the right way and fast.

Technologies That Support Hyper Automation

If Hyper Automation is intelligent and improved automation, it only got to this point with the help of several other technologies critical to its performance and success. With RPAs, Bots and Machine Learning, it is possible to improve tasks that ordinary automation would not be able to do.

According to Gartner, this process requires the right set of tools and technologies for its best functioning: “Understanding the variety of automation mechanisms, how they relate and how they are combined, is one of the main focuses of Hyper Automation”. These are some examples:


RPA, Robotic Process Automation, is an indispensable technology for implementing Hyper Automation. It acts as a programmed script reading software, performs predetermined tasks, and is responsible for repetitive content demands.

Machine Learning (AI)

Artificial intelligence is indispensable for Hyper Automation because machine learning and implementation of new technologies would be impossible without it. Once this AI is applied to the process, you can optimize and improve capabilities for monitoring, analysis, auditing, testing, and more.


Using all this artificial intelligence can help to automatically reveal processes and create bots, increasing the pace of automation by up to 5 times.

In practice, bots think and learn on their own where to look for the information needed to complete their tasks correctly for better efficiency, productivity and accuracy, creating a domino effect that benefits the entire company.

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