Work And Artificial Intelligence: Which Professions Will Grow

Work And Artificial Intelligence: Which Professions Will Grow

Work and artificial intelligence: what will impact both areas in our future? According to American writer John Puglia, responsible for the controversial, The Robots are Coming: A Human’s Survival Guide to Profiting in the Age of Automation, any job, whether routine or predictable, will be done by a mathematical algorithm. 

With the implementation of AI, operational, repetitive, and even some highly skilled professions are in danger of disappearing – if they don’t adapt. At the same time, other professions will be created and strengthened by advances in artificial intelligence. 

Work And Artificial Intelligence: 5 Professions That Will Emerge

According to Ben Paring, a British futurologist, these are the main trends in the market. Oh! And no, Paring doesn’t make esoteric predictions. Rather, he analyzes market behavior and data and makes a future projection. For Paring, the professions of the future are involved with these three themes:

  • Coaching: helping people to improve the management of their finances and even aesthetic issues;
  • Care: improving people’s health and quality of life;
  • Connection: working on the relationship between man and machine, physical and virtual, commerce and ethics.

What do these three areas have in common? If you pay close attention, you’ll see that they all have a dose of human contact and subjectivity – something that machines (yet) cannot imitate. 

1 – Data Detective: the idea here is to generate meaningful business responses and recommendations from data investigation. The candidate for a job like this should look for the data and follow what they say. In addition, he must be curious, resilient, and diplomatic. 

2 – IT Facilitator: The ideal candidate for a position like this creates flexibility for users using applications and infrastructure developed in-house or in cloud environments.

3 – Ethical Source Manager: this professional will investigate, monitor, negotiate, and make agreements on the supply of products and services to ensure that contracts align with a strategic audience’s ethical issue.

4 – Artificial Intelligence Assisted Medical Assistance Technician: this professional will be responsible for building a more efficient hospital system that cares about patients and is even more accurate thanks to technology.

5 – Quantum Machine Learning Analyst: the area of ​​machine learning is also a part of computer science that will gain prominence. Your work will improve the speed and performance of learning algorithms and real business problems as quickly as possible.

Five Professions That Will Disappear With The Massive Implementation Of Artificial Intelligence

6 – Doctors: yes, we know this prediction may sound absurd, but believe me. According to John Pagliaro, general practitioners will suffer this loss of ground. This will happen because simple diagnoses will be automated, and robots will treat common diseases. 

7 – Lawyers: in the same way as general practitioners, lawyers with a lower level of specialization will have their field of work threatened by robots. 

8 – Architects: still, according to Pagliaro, with technological advancements, simple projects that do not need artistic refinement will be developed by machines and artificial intelligence.

9 – Accountants: those accountants who specialize in more complex tax matters will survive. Robots will replace professionals who only deal with more predictable and easily standardized topics. 

10 – Police officers: the surveillance functions currently performed by police or military forces will be replaced, in developed countries, by sophisticated security systems. Facial recognition and traceability will be the main technologies here.

You can already tell that you will have to do more than press a button in order not to be replaced, right? By that, we mean that it will take more than mastering operational activities to succeed in your profession in the future. Those looking for opportunities should prepare to work from home and participate in online selection processes. Keeping your LinkedIn profile updated has become even more important with social isolation.

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