What Types Of Events To Organize For The Recovery?

What Types Of Events To Organize For The Recovery?

Are you about to resume your activity? You are looking for innovative ideas to organize an event on this occasion. This is the wisest decision! For a company, it is possible to celebrate this recovery with an event to stimulate its employees and occasionally announce the relaunch of its activity. In this article, discover the types of events that can help you achieve your goals.

Organize A Digital Event

In this time of a pandemic, it is important to respect social distancing for the safety of everyone. But, your activity should not be suspended! You can organize a digital event via live broadcasting platforms. 

You can, for example, organize an interview, a talk show, a conference or a team-building to celebrate the resumption of your activity. Indeed, these types of events promote interaction with your collaborators and other participants. Organizing a digital event is also an opportunity to promote your products or services and send a specific message to your employees. 

Plus, you’re no longer limited by geographic distances and transportation issues that prevent attendees from attending your event. It will also prevent you from physical contact between people, especially following the spread of Covid-19.

By organizing a digital live streaming event with a well thought out theme, your audience will grow, and you will be able to achieve your desired goals, which will help you make your project a reality and improve the impact of your virtual event.

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Schedule A Physical Event With Partial Digitization

If you choose to organize a physical event, certain arrangements must be made to ensure the safety of your attendees and collaborators. Provide masks and protective gloves for the reception staff, your team, and the professionals who will be present. Do not hesitate to also offer protective masks to your guests and participants and to put hydro-alcoholic gel on each entry and exit, for example. 

You can also create posters that remind you of good gestures and social distancing to respect. 

Choose carefully the places and the proposed activities which are very important for the success of your event. For example, you can celebrate the launch of your product in a neighbourhood or city where animators can come to distribute flyers and present sets of gifts to passers-by. You can also show a movie occasionally to grab the attention of attendees. 

To maximize the chances of success of your physical event, you can partially digitize it. For example, you can broadcast some activities on social networks to boost their visibility and impact. 

Entrust Your Event To A Specialized Agency

Whatever type of event you are planning to host, it is highly recommended that you work with an experienced professional with cutting-edge technology and a solid background in event planning.

When you call on an event agency, a team of designers and directors will be at your disposal to assist you in creating a unique and personalized event according to your objectives to be achieved. Rest assured, all your ideas will be considered so that your event meets your expectations and even more than you imagined.  

An event audiovisual production service provider can record and broadcast your event in live streaming on the internet or a personalized platform. You will also benefit from an adapted lighting and sound system to guarantee good sound and image quality throughout your event.

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